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I made this earlier today as a request by [ profile] autumnparanoia over at GoS.

There's the jersey dresses and cardigans, because I'm not very fond of the panel dresses.

There's fat and pregnant morphs, courtesy of [ profile] le_plat_du_jour .

Uncompressorized, all of Sentate's textures from the original mesh, mesh included, doesn't replace Sentate's original.

And, of course, the download!

heya dudes

Jan. 6th, 2011 04:08 pm
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Goat shared the first part of my SSS to her here, and my gift from Squirgle's here!

SS thing

Dec. 30th, 2010 01:32 pm
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Hey, so a couple days ago, Whimsical_Krikkiter shared my SS gift for her here!
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(click the picture)

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Look, an upload or two!


swatch under the cut )

And the other thing!

again, swatch under the cut )


And, as a bonus, here's [personal profile] nilou 's skinnies on [personal profile] petitchat 's mesh! No preview, unfortunately.

Also, as soon I actually get it posted, there'll be a link to the thing I made for the monthly theme.

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Tonight I should have It's Teh-ah Tim-eh with updated filenames. Oh, I was a noob in March. So, redownload then if you didn't bother to rename them yourself and actually downloaded.

There should be a post for it, too. So.
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Yep. ~actual new downloads~

I had a need for this and, hey, someone could find it useful, so why not share?

Image Hosted by

two more pictures plus swatch )mesh included.
Download here.

Coming up next:[personal profile] nilou 's cf skinny jeans so they work on[personal profile] petitchat 's replacement (and creepers) mesh, Amaryll's K&B camisole retextures for teens, Stuntkid paintings on Surfing the Universe and Pineapple, and[personal profile] pooklet 's Engine Heart II with leggings and in all [personal profile] aelia 's colours! Perhaps there'll be Pooklet'd objects or something too. I don't know.

Now, me and my broken ankle are going to play Baldur's Gate 2.

(also, I apologise if someone's already used this title.)
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I may or may not have something that doesn't completely suck here.

Image Hosted by
Downloadable here.
Twelve dresses for CF (unfortunately this is the only preview I kept), neons included, version that's better may be coming soon.
Originally posted in the GoS July project thread, Back to Basics.

Image Hosted by
Downloadable here.
Sixteen pyjamas for CU in some of Aelia's colours plus a bunny-pattern one; a swatch should be included in the download.
Originally CiJ gift to Norniff.

Image Hosted by
Downloadable here.
Twenty-five lipcolours, and to be honest I think they're a bit meh, but I've never really been one for giant matching lipsets. Again, a swatch should be included in the download.
Originally CiJ gift to Norniff.
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Tinypic, you are boycotted. I may be a whitebread from the US of A but that was a dick move.
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Random, but: on a scale of badassery from one to ten, Shale would rate over nine thousand. Just sayin'.

oh hello

Aug. 21st, 2010 07:51 pm
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Apologies for the huge-as-hell header pic; I'll get a better, more spiffy one when I go play later.

In other news:

two pics, both of which are least 1200pixels in width )


Jun. 8th, 2010 10:44 am
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Pretty self-explanatory, that right there.

But for clarification, later this month I'm getting Photoshop, so expect a lot of neonizing of things like the FT nursery and Holy Simoly's concrete wallpaper (yes, I know it's been done before, but not with Pooklet's or Charterzard's actions) and a lot of basegame stuff.

so yeah

Jun. 4th, 2010 12:17 pm
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Hi. Been a while, hasn't it?

I sort of want to try a legacy, but it would be a while between updates and I have this tendency to delete my neighborhoods folder every couple months. Eh, I'll try it.
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I started this after seeing storytelling possibilities for one of the dresses and it just snowballed from there. So you get every single recolour I've found for any of the versions of this mesh that aren't already on it.

Now that the in-game picture's out of the way, I'll say that's the only one I have because Sims crashed right after that, and it's almost midnight and I want to post this today. There should be a couple more tomorrow after I get home from school.

Actual information: as said in the title, 97 recolours on the blockfeet Victoria mesh; Pooklet's colours and the patterns by [personal profile] aelia in this post, which is coincidentally where you can get the mesh by [personal profile] kkkayleighh if you happen to delete it out of any of the folders.
Swatches: (please tell me if it's not okay to use yours, Pooklet and Aelia; I'm not using them because I'm lazy but because anything that's not Firefox started hating me a couple hours ago. Also, I uploaded them to my Tinypic so I wouldn't steal bandwidth.)

Mesh and swatches included, no giant download of everything because it would be around 50 mb and I'm not going to upload that, and here's the download links:

(I  forgot until now, but the blonde model in the corner is The Alice Cat's Oxygen)